Chimney Repairs

Keep the Fire Burning

Improve the outside and inside of your chimney with the exceptional chimney maintenance services at Done Right Roofing & Tuckpointing. You can’t go wrong with our low-cost chimney repairs.

Chimney Repairs

We Rebuild, Repair, and Restore Your Chimney System

  • Understand the condition of your chimney with our routine maintenance checks.
  • Repair damaged areas and replace missing bricks in your chimney with our comprehensive tuckpointing services.
  • We’ll return the original beauty, as well as repair leaking flashing, to help you avoid potential water damage.
  • Ward off moisture from snow and rain by having our skilled technicians install stainless steel chimney caps.

From chimneys to roofs, call Done Right Roofing & Tuckpointing today at (312) 690-1649 to schedule your free estimate!